If you've made it to this site, chances are, you know me. If you don't know me, well then let me just say, "Welcome." My name is Yvonne. These are my pictures. Most of my photos are private or password protected. There are just too many morally bereft persons in the world for me to leave everything just hanging out there. Not that you are morally bereft -- it's the other guys I'm worried about. The public photos include older photos from previous stints as web captain for Team in Training, as well as photos from the photography classes I've been taking. I got serious about this [very expensive] hobby when my husband surprised me by telling me that I simply must upgrade my DSC-H1; he insisted that I spend his bonus on a Sony a100. I was only too happy to oblige. Since then, I've added one more thing to our already-busy life.* I now own enough lenses to keep an almost pro (or gadget fiend) happy, and still covet more. My loving husband had no idea what he was getting [us] into. Neither did I. ______________________ *The singular "life" is intentional. The sole purpose of this footnote is to make sure you know it was a matter of style. Heaven forbid you think it was because I didn't watch my Grammar Rock.